What is ‘SENT’ and when do we need to do it?

When transporting certain categories of goods (for example, motor oils, coolants, antifreezes, etc.) from Poland, or in transit through Poland, customers can hear from the carrier about the need to issue a SENT. Let’s try to figure out what it is and when it is applied.

So, from October 1, 2018, in Poland, the Law On Amending the Law on the Monitoring System for Road and Rail Transportation of Goods (O zmianie Ustawy o systemie monitorowania drogowego i kolejowego przewozu towarów od dnia 15 czerwca 2018 r.) came into force. 

Under this Law, companies intending to transport cargos that, according to the Polish Ministry of Finance, require ‘special handling’, including excisable goods, are subject to mandatory online registration in the SENT Registry on the Electronic Platform of the Customs and Fiscal Services (https://puesc.gov.pl/). 

This registration is subject to goods that are imported or exported from Poland, as well as goods that transit through Poland without customs clearance (i.e., without an export/transit declaration, or without TIR Carnet).

Mandatory registrations in this system are subject as follows: To motor fuels and products of their processing, heating oils and lubricants that can be used as additives to motor fuels;

Non-denatured Ethyl Alcohol, with an alcohol concentration of 80 vol.% or more;

Products containing ethyl alcohol (Ethanol-based antifreezes, thinners and solvents);

Ethanol, fully denatured;

Dried tobacco.

It is worth noting that this list is not final; the Ministry of Finance of Poland may determine an additional list of goods subject to registration in the SENT System.

How does online registration in the SENT System work? In fact, there is nothing complicated and terrible about this. After registering the user, you need to enter into the System information about the product, its weight, consignor and consignee with addresses, the final carrier, and information about the vehicle, transportation route, loading dates and planned delivery. After registration is completed, the System will generate a number and a key (password). The number must be transferred to the driver.

The only difficulty is the mandatory requirement to transfer geolocation. For this, special GPS navigators (the so-called external ZSL Geo Location Systems), or a GPS tracker, i.e. device (regular smartphone or tablet) with the SENT GEO application installed, which serves to monitor the route of transportation of goods. You can download this application on both Google Play and the App Store. 

The obligation to register goods with the SENT System is assigned to the carrier and for export/import to Poland also to the consignor/consignee, respectively. For failure to perform these duties the carrier may pay a fine of PLN 10,000, the driver may pay from PLN 5,000 to PLN 7,500.

Maksym Kolokolusha

Chief Commercial Officer

Ganex Group

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What is ‘SENT’ and when do we need to do

When transporting certain categories of goods (for example, motor oils, coolants, antifreezes, etc.) from Poland, or in transit through Poland, customers can hear from the…

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