Ganex 2020! .

Welcome to the updated site of the international logistics operator Ganex!

In 2019 we celebrated the 10th anniversary of Ganex Ukraine! Over 10 years we have managed to take many interesting challenges from the world of logistics and most importantly build a company that creates truly convenient solutions for logisticians!

Our goal has always been not just providing our Clients with a good service but also creating a truly practical, correct, customer-oriented service that will become a real helper for every logistician.

Ganex definitely exists thanks to you and for you, dear Partners and Clients!

The Ganex Ukraine team is meeting the new decade with an even greater desire to solve the most complex transportation problems for you, bring innovation to the world of logistics, raise true professionals in our Ganex family and, most importantly, share something new, interesting and useful with you.

2020 we begin with an updated brand, corporate identity and a new site that we created specifically in order to be closer to you!

Our plans are to collect for you the most relevant and useful information from the world of logistics and publish on the pages of our Blog.

We will always be glad to see you here!

Best wishes,


Ganex team